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This product is a long-lasting protective wax which allow a film of water to be broken into beads and then slide over the surface easily under the drying blowers, saving energy costs. Super Wax works with water of any hardness and prevents white streaks formation on vehicle. It is indispensable for high-speed car wash. This super wax is amazing paintwork sealant. This ecofriendly product is easy to apply and safe to use.

Car wax that protects your car paint & keeps it looking well

Many individuals enjoy showing off their vehicles. But it's impossible for anyone to be proud if it's unclean, and such delight is fleeting when the paintwork becomes scraped, stained with oil stains, and dusty. The external paint of automobiles ages with passing times, giving it a dreary appearance. It's critical to maintain your automobile clean not just for your own pride, but also to ensure that your paintwork lasts as long as possible. Car wax is one of the greatest ways to give your paintwork a beautiful shine.

If you're not a professional vehicle detailer, you may never have used wax. However, wax is one of the best car carer substances that may be considered vital. This is because keeping your automobile clean and preserving its paintwork will be much easier in the long run.

The whole point of wax is to defend your car paint. You're creating a barrier between the clear coat and the outside world to keep it safe from harmful particles in the air, UV rays, and water. Rainwater and road spray is full of pollutants that may easily transfer to the paint, so the best way to protect your car is to ensure that water runs straight off your bodywork, & car wax can help by making the surface hydrophobic.


  • Waxing protects that freshly revealed coat.
  • If done correctly, it will act as a protective layer, keeping your car looking shiny and new regardless of how old it is. 
  • Ultimately, it can reduce the requirement or frequency of automobile cleaning completely.
  • Removes paintwork imperfections- If you notice any swirls or light scratches on the surface of your car. Wax is the perfect solution to renew the paintwork.
  • Polish car surface- Polish the panels carefully to remove any flaws. When used correctly, the polish's modest abrasive properties should remove any prior layers of wax, oil, and debris, allowing the undamaged paint beneath to shine.


  • First and foremost, do not undertake the operation in full sunlight or in temperatures below 32°F.
  • Applying car wax in the summer in the shade or in a garage will give the desired result. And in winter any day is fine to get the best way to get the finest results from wax.
  • Working indoors also eliminates pollution from bird droppings and other airborne pathogens.

How to apply wax to a car 

It's all about applying a modest bit of car wax in small, even circles without slapping on too much or being too sparing. Well, most of the things depend on the wax and how long it needs to leave before buffing it off. Make sure to use a microfiber cloth. The first area where you have applied earlier is ready to buff & then accordingly use the wax to other surfaces & continue the waxing process.