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Frequently Asked Questions:

The product produces the right amount of foam because it is balanced between wax and detergent. We recommend pouring part of the water into a bucket, then pouring the correct amount of product in the right dilution and finally pouring the last part of water with a strong jet in order to generate foam.

To remove traces of glue from the stickers we recommend the Deca Flash product.

DECA FLASH is extremely easy to use and can dissolve and eliminate even the most stubborn traces of glue and tar from the bodywork rapidly, effortlessly and without scrubbing. It is highly effective and innovative formula protects the car against micro-abrasions. Removal of old adhesive traces and paraffin wax layer is easy with Deca Flash usage. It is available in the practical 250ml spray format.

To make fabrics waterproof we recommend the Idrostop product. It is a super-hydrophobic fabric spray formulated to protect the valuables from any sort of damage caused due to uncertain spillage and stains. Our Nanotechnology-enabled fabric spray protects multiple products of car including mats, seats and other upholstery. One coating of this waterproof spray would make the fabric hydrophobic and prevent unwanted stains and dirt to settle. Ensure the surface is completely clean and further dried where it is to be applied. Allow the fabric surface to absorb the complete solution.

For the cleaning and protection of external plastics we recommend the Faspoiler product.

A product capable of restoring Bumpers, Side Panels, Spoilers and Bonnets with just one “blow” and without smearing. FASPOILER creates a polished, transparent and protective veil that clings to the treated parts instantly, restoring any surface in glass reinforced plastic (mudguards and others), plastic – discoloured or damaged by continued exposure to sunlight – and any rubber parts. If used regularly FASPOILER prevents the discolouring and ageing of exposed parts.