Car detailing accessories brushes are just as necessary as a wash bucket and shampoo. We all know that the smallest details matter, and having the proper wheel brush on hand is part of the process of attaining a flawlessly clean automobile. The initial brushes altered the game by providing a pleasant grip unlike anything else on the market. With the Mafra brush series, we updated our design and added a rubberized triangle grip area for optimal comfort. The red detailing brushes from Mafra, parent firm, is strong, flexible, long-lasting, and ergonomic. A high-wear and chemical-resistant detailing brush that is perfect for use on car exteriors such as bodywork and wheels. Because of the composition of polybutylene terephthalate (PBT) resin filaments, one of the most innovative and performing materials on the market. The filaments that make up the red detailing brush have a three-lobed circular shape and are made from a combination of two best materials, which are thinned at the top by a chemical and non-mechanical process.

Some of its remarkable properties are:

  • Best Size-You may select any size from 18, 16, or 12 to meet your demands, with enough length to comfortably explore and reach into the lug nuts in a compact or tight location. A set of scratch-free brushes is required for any wash.
  • No Metal Parts & Long Bristles - There is no risk of marring or damaging your delicate wheels. This makes it the most secure detail brush for your vehicle. 12" bristle length is ideal for reaching into deep lug nuts and tightening the region.
  • Multi-purpose use- It can be used on all vehicles from cars to trucks to the wheel to bike & so on.
  • Wipe off unnecessary things - This multi-function brush, which is suitable for both wet and dry usage, seeks to remove dust, bread crumbs, and other tiny particles from your wheels, air vents, trim, seat crevices, and emblems, leaving your beloved automobile entirely neat and clean from the inside out.