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It is a mixture of natural wax and polymers which is fast and easy to use. Generating a “silk” effect on interiors plastic and leather, it creates an effective protective barrier against the UV rays and anti-depositing on exterior plastics. It does not smear or whiten plastic parts, pleasantly perfumed. Suitable for treating leather and for using directly on the interior and exterior plastic parts of vehicle.

A Dashboard Polish for a glossy shine in seconds

Maintaining the car's dashboard in immaculate shape can enhance your image as a car enthusiast. Car dashboard Polish is a professional product used to restore the shine of dashboards. The products are made with a special mix that restores the original shine of the surface while also eliminating dirt and grime.

Some of its features are 

  • Long shelf life 
  • Purity
  • Effective

It brightens the dashboard with a long-lasting shine effect. This polisher protects and restores the dashboards and all surfaces in plastic, rubber, or other synthetic material, as well as on leather. This contains fine anti-dust silicones that protect and restore softness. It has 12 months for shelf life.

Its chemical compound cleans and sanitizes the dashboard by eliminating all mites, dust, and foul odours, including smoke. Its formula has strong anti-static properties that keep dust at bay for longer, completely eradicating mites. Which makes the dashboard shine like new:  bright and clean, but this time also protected. 

Overview of dashboard shiner 

Car dashboard polish is an ideal solution for cleaning all types of vinyl, plastic & even rubber parts of car interiors. This car for dashboard makes proper use of advanced technology which safe to use & solvent-free. It doesn’t leave behind any sort of residues or sticky layer after application. So, there is no chance of dirt & dust delivering in proper quality shine & protection.

This polish requires to be regularly used onto dashboard & other required surfaces for preventing fading process. Even all other components which are crafted from plastic are highly prone to cracks & dullness. use for this car polish will keep your car dashboards clean & healthy for a long.

How to use 

To begin with, polishing the dashboard 1stly do dusting by removing dirt, filth, or dust that has accumulated over time. Then wipe down your dashboard with a clean, soft microfiber cloth with a dashboard polish liquid on it. Before proceeding test this on a tiny, inconspicuous area to ensure that there is no discoloration and that you are satisfied with the results. It contains natural oils that will actively restore shine while conditioning the surface of your dashboard, as well as preventing UV-induced cracking and fading. If you wish to learn more, follow the steps listed below. 


  • Start with the cleaning surface with a microfiber cloth
  • Then shake the bottle properly before using it onto the surface 
  • Subsequently spray the dashboard polisher directly onto the surface, where polishing is required. Or either pour a small amount of polish on a microfiber cloth & then clean the surface using the towel.
  • The right method for using the polish is through a microfiber cloth for spreading the polish
  • Fold the towel to form a cushion & start polishing the surface in a circular motion.