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Colour Foam Red give a strong and different visual impact to the washing, COLOR FOAM is a foaming detergent which creates Red snowpack on the car and is applied by pressure washer with the suitable lance, or by a foam sprayer. Its advantages are not only economy of consumption and speed and ease of use, but also a new look for the management of the service! The visual impact is remarkable and cannot pass unnoticed by motorists passing by the car wash.

Colour Foam (RED) for a remarkable result in car washing

Colour foam is a freshly developed solution that offers the vehicle wash a distinctive and one-of-a-kind appearance. On the automobile, a full foam coating is generated in a range of colors (red and blue) and is disseminated using a water jet with the proper spray gun or through the foam spray. FOAM works well with softened or osmotic water.

There are several advantages. This is not only economically helpful in terms of consumption, time, and simplicity, but it also considerably improves the wash station's image. The visual effect is so striking that it is certain to attract the attention of passing cars. COLOR FOAM creates a thick, engulfing foam that rinses swiftly and entirely evaporates when in touch with the ground.

Mafraindia offers the best car wash foam soap solutions. The foam of a touchless vehicle wash will be red. Colour foam for touchless vehicle wash shampoo is simply one aspect of cosmetics that enhances the aesthetic of car appearances.

Colour Foam Pre-wash Tactics

Snow foam gained its name from the fact that it looks like a new covering of snow on your automobile. Unlike the cold stuff, foam cleans your automobile. Nonetheless, the majority of snow foam solutions are not car wash shampoo. The foam is a vital pre-wash, boosting car wash results and extending the life of your paintwork.

Because of its consistency and chemistry, foam is an efficient pre-wash solution that outperforms a simple water rinse. The foam adheres to your car for a longer period of time, but simple water quickly goes off. For optimal efficacy, this even adheres to vertical and underhung surfaces.

Pollen on a wash mitt is detrimental to a car's paint on a tiny scale, resulting in swirls and scratches. Snow foam, used as a pre-wash, removes dirt and floats it away without rubbing it into the paint. Snow foam detergents encapsulate road filth, grit, dust, and pollen, removing it off your vehicle's surface. Advanced hydrophobic polymers enable a streak-free rinse as froth suspends dirt off your car and flows off. As this washing foam is pH-balanced it means it removes dust dirt but it won’t harm it will not paint, clear coat, chrome, aluminium, plastic, or rubber parts.

Spraying colour foam onto your car using a snow foam cannon or foam gun linked to a pressure washer is the ideal approach to take advantage of foam's pre-wash characteristics. This prevents direct touch with the vehicle's surface, which prevents scratches and swirls. Even if you don't have a pressure washer, you can use a microfiber wash mitt and a gentle touch to take advantage of some of the snow foam's pre-wash properties.