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Premium hydrophobic wax with sio2

  • Hydrophobic ceramic spray wax with SiO2: repels dirt, water and UV rays
  • Binds to the surface creating a self-cleaning protective shield
  • His performances have a duration of at least 4 months
  • Easy to use: can be used on cars, motorcycles, boats or bikes

Ceramic Ultra Speed Wax is available in 500ml format

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  • Also works perfectly on alloy wheels
  • Easy and super fast application: can be applied in minutes
  • Leaves the paint a look with wet reflections and a deep gloss that enhances the color of the paint and makes it smooth to the touch
  • Can be used as a stand-alone product or as an amplifier and sealant for existing waxes
  • Its performance can last up to 4 months if the car has been previously decontaminated and based on atmospheric conditions and the detergents used in the washes
  • Faster and stronger than car wax and PFA FREE


  • Dispense the product on a short-haired microfiber cloth;
  • Spread the product evenly;
  • Finish with a clean, dry long-haired microfiber cloth ;


  • Ceramic Ultra Speed Wax can be used and reapplied as oŌen as desired, even aŌer washing and drying the car or after a maintenance wash.
  • To increase the duration and performance of the product, it is recommended to decontaminate the car thus allowing greater adhesion of the polymers to the bodywork.

Protective: how much confusion.
There are different types on the market: let’s clarify a bit together:

Waxes, such as carnauba, for example
They are easy to apply – They offer good durability, limited washing resistance, excellent gloss, but give a poor protective barrier. In 3 weeks / 1 month – with an average mileage – their properties decay, even faster if we do not carry out specific maintenance washes.

To date, the state of the art is represented by nanoceramic coatings:
Their application is complex and due to the dexterity and equipment necessary for installation, they are mainly chosen by professionals – but they offer us maximum durability, a high resistance to washing, a good shine, and create the most resistant protective barrier.

Nano ceramic sealants, such as Ceramic Ultra Speed Wax, embody the best of both technologies.

Ceramic Ultra Speed Wax is easy to apply, has a long life, offers excellent resistance to washing, a deep gloss with a wet effect and creates an excellent protective barrier.
With Ceramic Ultra Speed Wax we wanted to combine the best features of waxes with the technological advancement brought about by protective nanoceramics: we have obtained a product that is easy and quick to apply, safe on any material. Able to guarantee a high gloss and a deeper, fuller color with a wet effect.

Concentrated product, do not spray it directly on the bodywork but use a dry and clean microfibre cloth. Make sure the removal cloth is always dry to avoid streaks and streaks. To increase the duration and performance of the product, we recommend decontaminating the car, thus allowing greater adhesion of the polymers to the bodywork.

To use it we will need 1 short-haired microfibre cloth for applying the product and a long-haired cloth for finishing.
We can dispense the product directly on the bodywork or on a microfiber cloth, for a more localized application.

After application, you can see how the product gives the body a look with wet reflections and a deep gloss, what you may have heard called the “caramel effect”.

Another important feature is the high hydrophobicity.

Ceramic Ultra Speed Wax creates a high beading effect. The drops of water are deposited on the surface with a perfectly circular shape, because they have a smaller contact angle:
having a smaller size, they will be lighter and slide off the surface very easily.
In addition, the drops of water will incorporate the particles of surface dirt which, thanks to the protection of Ceramic Ultra Speed Wax, do not adhere tenaciously to the surface and, slipping away, will produce a self-cleaning effect that will facilitate subsequent cleaning.

With the water cloth technique, we can see how the water slips away, eliminating surface dirt and leaving the surface dry and shiny. To learn more about this technique,
we invite you to watch the dedicated video.



    Wash the car in a shaded area and never in direct sunlight, to prevent the shampoo from drying out, which will stain.


    If the car has been exposed to the sun or the bonnet is very hot, cool the surface with a jet of cold water.


    It is the least dirty part and you will avoid dirtying the glove: washing will be faster.


    In the first you will put the solution of water and shampoo, in the second only water to rinse frequently the sponge or glove: you will avoid scratching the bodywork.


    You will not forget any part, the product will be very effective and will not dry: you will prevent stains and marks.


    Clean the rims with a brush that can reach the most hidden points.

You can apply the ceramic sealing wax after you have decontaminated the surface to help the product adhere. You can apply the product after polishing to finish the job and protect/seal the newly polished surface. After washing your car, even without decontaminating the surface, knowing, however, that the performance and durability will be lower.

We recommend washing your car by alternating between the Neutral Foam Shampoo (used as a foam for the prewash and as a shampoo for hand cleaning) and alternating it every 2 washes with Ceramic Shampoo.

To prevent too much protection becoming layered on the surface, leading to the saturation of the paint. In fact, excess product will be rejected by the surface and you risk creating marks.

You will always need 2 cloths. Take the first and apply the protective coating, then use the second to remove it. Make sure that the second cloth does not become soaked with the removed product, to prevent the residue creating marks or streaks. In this instance, use another clean, dry microfibre cloth.

Less product you apply, the less effort it takes. Therefore, we recommend apply a little product to each panel and then spreading it with the microfibre panel and finishing with the second cloth. The amount of product applied does not effect durability. In this instance, the “less is more” rule applies.