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With sio2 technology

  • Gives the treated surface a self-cleaning hydrophobic capacity that allows you to keep the car cleaner for a long time

Ceramic Shampoo is available in 500ml format

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  • 3-in-1 Formula: Washes, Seals and Protects for 90 days in a single operation
  • Contains super hydrophobic SiO2 ceramic polymers that create a chemical resistant shield
  • Leaves the surface silky giving an extreme shine like a wax in a jar
  • Creates a balanced and lubricated foam that easily removes dirt avoiding the creation of micro-scratches or swirls
  • When used as a maintenance product, it will enhance the protective properties of previously applied wax, sealant or ceramic coating


  • With Foam Gun technique :
  • Pre- wash with Foam Gun Prewash;
  • Wash by Foam Gun/ Bucket Wash with Neutral Foam Shampoo ;
  • Dilute Ceramic Shampoo 1: 3 (one part of product and 3 parts of water);
  • Dispense the product with foaming technique, from bottom to top;
  • Leave for 1 minute;
  • Rinse with high pressure water from top to bottom;
  • Dry with the “Super Dryer” microfiber cloth


Hand wash with bucket:

  • Dilute the product 1: 400 (3 caps of product in 10L of water)
  • Apply the product starting from the top and always with a wet vehicle with a microfiber glove;
  • Proceed to rinse the surface;
  • Dry with the Super Dryer microfiber cloth ;

Pre-wash with Foam Gun:

  • Dilute the product in Foam Gun in the proportion 1:10;
  • Leave on for a period of time ranging from 3 to 5 minutes;
  • Rinse at high pressure starting from the bottom

Neutral foam shampoo has an above average foaminess on the market: its foam generated with the foaming technique creates a compact film, which remains adhered to the surfaces. It has an intense and homogeneous lubricating action and encapsulates dirt, facilitating removal during the subsequent rinsing phase without creating halos or streaks.

The great emollient capacities detach all the dirt present, acting in a delicate way.
Its WAX SAFE technology makes it suitable for frequent use because it respects the underlying protection, freeing it from the surface dirt that decays its performance.

Used by hand with a bucket, Neutral Foam Shampoo boasts an excellent economy of use: it is in fact possible to dilute it up to 1: 400 (1 part of product and 400 of water) making it ideal for frequent washing or maintenance.

Make sure the vehicle surface is not hot and the car is in the shade avoiding direct sun.
Before using Ceramic Shampoo, as always before washing with manual shampoo, we carry out an accurate pre-wash with “Foam Gun Prewash” to remove the coarse dirt present on the surface and facilitate the subsequent manual washing phase.

To learn more about this phase, we invite you to watch its dedicated video.

To increase the performance of the product and the duration of the protection, we recommend decontaminating the car with our Iron Remover with clay bar, before applying Ceramic Shampoo, thus allowing greater adhesion of the SiO2 ceramic polymers on the bodywork.
For the use of Ceramic Shampoo we suggest using the two-bucket washing method (one with the shampoo / water solution and the other with clean water only) in combination with a microfiber glove such as our Double Face or a sponge / pad like our Microfiber Pad. To wash the rims and tires use an additional tool (sponge or glove).
Using the grate in the bucket helps to remove dirt and impurities from the glove or sponge by making it settle to the bottom of the bucket. To learn more about the double bucket washing technique, we invite you to watch the video dedicated to cleaning accessories.

Hand wash with bucket

How to increase the hydrophobic and protective performance of Ceramic Shampoo?

The first method is with a glove or a pad always in microfiber, the same one you used for washing.
Take a graduated bottle and dilute the product in the proportion 1: 5 (1 part of product and 5 of water). Spray the solution obtained on the same washing pad or glove and distribute it all over the car without neglecting any point, exactly as you did during the washing phase.

The second method is with the Foam Gun technique
Take a graduated bottle and dilute the product in the proportion 1: 3 (1 part of product 3 parts of water). It delivers the solution obtained with the foaming technique, on the whole car from bottom to top.
Wait for at least 1 minute and rinse with high pressure starting from top to bottom.

No matter what technique you used, in both cases the hydrophobic effect will now be even more intense and the body sealed and protected for 90 days.
The hydrophobic (beading) and protective effect will already be visible in the rinsing phase.
In fact, you will see the drops of water that are deposited on the surface with a perfectly circular shape. It happens because they have a smaller contact angle with the protected surface and having a smaller size, they will be lighter and slide very easily off the surface (sheeting).

Furthermore, the drops of water will engulf the particles of surface dirt which, thanks to the protection offered by Ceramic Shampoo, do not adhere strongly to the surface.
Gliding quickly, they will produce a self-cleaning effect that will facilitate the next maintenance wash that you can carry out, with Neutral foam shampoo, after a couple of weeks, based on the kilometers traveled.

Finally, dry the car with our ultra-absorbent “Super Dryer” microfiber cloth for quick and effective drying in total safety.
Once rinsed you can proceed to the drying phase with our ultra-absorbent Super Dryer cloth.

Our advice is to use two Super Dryer drying cloths : one dedicated to the bodywork, another dedicated to the glass, in order to leave the latter as dry as possible. You can also use Super Dryer to finish profiles or delicate details. Also, when wiping the side of the car or the lower parts, fold the drying cloth to prevent it from touching the ground and collecting dirt that could create scratches.

To learn more about the drying technique with Super Dryer, I invite you to watch the video dedicated to washing accessories.



    Wash the car in a shaded area and never in direct sunlight, to prevent the shampoo from drying out, which will stain.


    If the car has been exposed to the sun or the bonnet is very hot, cool the surface with a jet of cold water.


    It is the least dirty part and you will avoid dirtying the glove: washing will be faster.


    In the first you will put the solution of water and shampoo, in the second only water to rinse frequently the sponge or glove: you will avoid scratching the bodywork.


    You will not forget any part, the product will be very effective and will not dry: you will prevent stains and marks.


    Clean the rims with a brush that can reach the most hidden points.

When you want to get an instant self-cleaning water-repellent effect that is similar to the protection offered by a nanoceramic coating, however it obviously does not have the same durability.
When you want to increase the durability of the protection you’ve previously applied (waxes, sealants, coatings, etc.).
When you want to get protection and a quick self-cleaning water-repellent effect.

Yes, it has 3 advantages: its self-cleaning and water-repellent effect, its silkiness and gloss, and its deep shine.

No, it would be unnecessary. It is better to use it every 2 washes because the protective water-repellent layer you applied previously is still present and would reject and prevent the adhesion of the second protective layer.

It should be used from the bottom up because as it is a polymer, if we started from the top, any dripping would risk leaving an uneven coverage on the surface. By starting from the bottom, on the other hand, you are able to guarantee even, effective application and coverage.

It is better to wash in areas, especially during the warmer seasons, to prevent the product drying on the surface.