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Mafra is another divaricate of man-machine, with the same goal but distinct products. We are always enthralled by innovation so that we can endow our users with advanced car wash solutions. We are Known as a trailblazer of the mechanized cleaning business since 1987. Manmachine has staunch its manoeuvre & potential to bring the best cleaning equipment. Though in Mafra we deal in various segments from car wash chemicals to car detailing chemicals, car care accessories, car care equipment, to car fragrance range, our vision remains the same; to change the face of the cleaning business. Talking about the Mafra range in products, we have more than 80+ products having the competence & ability to fulfil all types of orders pertaining to the cleaning industry.

Our clients want quality & we are assuring to provide you that. Mafra is a one-stop dermatologist clinic for cars where your car receives the treatment worthy of the best. No doubt we are striving to establish ourselves as our roots; Manmachine has established itself, and it’s been the lips of many. With the same expectations, we are sweating from head to heel to enact Mafra. So next time when you are thinking of car care products, you know where to knock.
In the current competitive market, modern & revolutionize car washing is the need of the hour. And our focus is to used communication, technical assistance with various strategies to put our product in limelight. So that whenever people look for the best car wash equipment, Mafra should be the talk of the town.